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What Are We Interested In Purchasing?
  •  Architectural Items (E.g Bricks, Doors, Chimney Pots, Windows, Beams, Shutters, Floor Boards, Cladding & More).
  • Garden Items (E.g. Ornaments / Statues, Bench Ends, Agricultural Items, Outdoor Furniture, Fire Pits / Chimeneas & More).
  • Industrial (E.g. Cart Wheels, Crane Hooks / Pulleys, Gears / Cogs, Trolleys, Bins / Boxes, Cabinets, Tables, Lighting & More).
  • Furniture (E.g. Antique / Vintages Tables, Chairs, Cabinets, Dressers & More!)
  • All Other Antiques Also Considered

If You Have Items You Think We Would Be Interested In Please Contact Us By Clicking Here.

Or Contact Us By Phone: 01299 269636